The Next Book

Trying to decide who to research and write on next.  Here’s who I’ve narrowed it down to:

Jean Cusson:  This would be another of the old original settlers into New France.  Jean was a farmer, seigneurial attorney, clerk of court, royal notary, and acting king’s attorney.  He would be my 9 x’s great grandfather.

Pierre Robert:  Born in Boucherville, Quebec in 1671.  He became a voyaguer on the great lakes with his brothers.  He was one of the original settlers of Detroit and moved his family there. He would be my 8 x’s great grandfather.

Joseph Huck:  Not sure if I have enough information on Joseph yet but I’m researching.  This would be the first in my paternal German line.  Joseph was born in Alsace Lorraine in 1810 and arrived in Waterloo Canada around 1831-3. The area was called Little Germany.  He would be my 3 x’s great grandfather.

Decisions, decisions…


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