My books are about….

Recently someone asked me what my books were about.  Here’s the answer….

1. Each book is about one of my ancestors.

Ex.  Etienne- The story of Etienne Campeau who is my 9 x’s great grandfather (also my 8 x’s great grandfather due to a freaky 1st cousin marriage in the 1700’s in Detroit).

2.  Each book has some kind of historical event that the person in the book would have experienced and lived through.

Ex.  In Barbe’ there was a large earthquake that hit Montreal in 1663.  In Rene’ the family survived the Lachine Massacre.  Not sure what the Lachine Massacre is?  Look it up or read my book.

3. Each book will cover who they married and the children they had.  There is not a chapter for each birth.  They had 10-16 children who wants to read about each birth unless it is something significant.

Ex.  Barbe’  had triplets in 1665.  What a shock that must have been.

4.  Each book will cover any significant moment in history that I could find for that person in church, court or civil records.

5.  The books are written in biography form but they are Historical Fiction.  This means not everything actually happened exactly like in the book.  I don’t know what they thought or said, but looking at the historical data I can make an educated guess.

Any other questions? Feel free to comment here or e-mail me 🙂


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